J & J Forever in Love

This last sunday, these two love birds and I got to take advantage of probably the last weekend of fall over at Kathryn Albertson park!

They are such a sweet couple, and I truly believe they will make the distance! Thank you Jenn and Jeremy for having me along to document your beautiful relationship.


I am so in love with Idaho right now and all the fall colors. I have never lived in a place that actually had fall before, and I am completely smitten!

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Baby Mayngardt–What Will It Bee?

I love these two so much! I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding, and now I get to help them celebrate new life! Whenever I am working with them, I just feel like we’re best friends just hanging out with a camera. They are so perfect together and I am so excited for them and their new little family!


I am so excited to see more of you two and your little one coming soon!

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Adorable Adfields

Yesterday, I photographed one of the most photogenic, fun, and beautiful families! They were so great. The kids were extremely well-behaved, they had lots of good ideas for pictures, and they looked great in every single picture!

It is obvious how much love they feel for each other. I am so happy I was able to document this wonderful day for this amazing family!

Here is their little teaser from the shoot.


Thank you so much for cooperating with me and my photographic demands! Have a wonderful trip back home.

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The Promised Preview

Today I had the absolute privilege to photograph my beautiful cousin and her wonderful fiancé again, this time at Lake Lowell during golden hour, which if you all don’t know already, makes everything SO MUCH MORE beautiful with the expired rays of sunshine.

I seriously had so much fun photographing these two, and just looking back on the many (MANY) good pictures, I am just so happy for the adorable couple. They are going to make each other so happy and I am so honored to be such an important part in their journey down the aisle. ❤



Here is your preview, just as I promised!

And now, I bid you all goodnight!

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Detail Orientation

I have decided to be a more detail-oriented person. To help me in photoshoots mostly, but also in life.

I have rekindled my relationship with my nifty fifty (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8) lens, and of course with a new toy comes more experimentation. I dropped my original one while shooting a wedding in July, and while it still kinda worked, the Auto focus wasn’t working and the focus ring was tough to work. So I finally got myself another one yesterday!

Here are some pictures I took of my room and my life.








I have another family photoshoot today! They asked me to not publish their photos, though, so unfortunately I can’t show off today 😛

Plenty of photoshoots this weekend, though!

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Boise Birch Family

What a beautiful day it was this last Sunday afternoon. Luckily, I was able to record it with this lovely family!

They had wonderful names that just radiated life and their pictures really reflect the positive feel of their family.

Thank you for having me along to document your big, beautiful family!


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As of right now, I have 3 photoshoots next week, probably 2 more photoshoots next sunday, and 5 weddings next year to look forward to! This is so incredibly exciting to me, especially at this time of year! I am so fortunate to have moved here when I did, because I have never experienced Autumn like I have this year. In Arizona, where I’m from, the leaves don’t change, the air does not get crisp, and the highs don’t drop to the 60s until Christmastime! I love Idaho. I am falling more and more in love with it each and every day. The hazy skies, the smell of fall, and the lush natural life that surrounds me every day. Just driving to the mall, I pass breathtaking views!

I am so fortunate to be living my dream of photography. I love it so much! I almost forget how much I love it during my off time. I get beyond nervous before every wedding and photoshoot, almost to the point of panic. But once I get out there with my little camera in my hands and smiling faces in my lens, everything goes away. It’s like magic! I love it so much, there is nothing I would rather be doing than when I am using my camera.

So I just want to say thank you to everyone that lets me live my dream, and to everyone who has been supporting me every step of the way.

That being said, who wants pictures!? 😀


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Family shoot at Lake Lowell!

It is so amazingly gorgeous this time of year over at the lovely Lake Lowell here in Idaho. The trees are turning, the water is low…everything was on my side when I took these photos! I was so happy to take pictures of my in-laws and niece and nephew! The kids were so great and everyone was so photogenic.  Here they are!Image






Thank you guys and gals for making this my most memorable shoot yet!

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Exciting News!

Hey everyone!

I know this is nonrelevant, but I just got a job at Macy’s! I am going to be working in the China Department, so I can be up close and personal with even MORE brides 😀 (did I mention I love weddings?) I am so excited. Though, this does mean that my schedule may be a little bit difficult to work around, as far as photoshoots and weddings go. I will still try and make it work!

In other news, I have been working on more photoshop techniques. I’ve even been creating my own flows! Here are my 2 favorites from that!





Well anyway, thanks for reading!

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Very first blog entry!

Hey everyone! I am so excited to finally have my very own blog up and running!

Lately, I have been working on lots of things! I am revamping the website (again, I know!) and adding more information about me and what I do!  Keep a look out for updated pictures, pricing, and personal info! This is so exciting to be able to display my work in a more fun and creative way.

I have been working hard to better my editing skills, so I revisited some of my previous photoshoots, and played around in photoshop. I have to say, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to discovering new editing techniques!  Here are a few of the pictures I have been working on.



I can’t wait for what is coming up for me! I already have 4 weddings booked next year, and 2 family sessions in the next couple months. I am finally living my dream!