A Fun Bunch of Siblings

I got to take pictures of my awesome coworker and her 2 brothers and nephew this last sunday. First off, they all look THE SAME, second, they all have the same sense of humor (which is super awesome because that makes them hilarious to be around), and third, the weather was absolutely PERFECT!

We did a little hiking up Camelsback park, but it was totally worth it, because these folks made my job easy.


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four and one.

These two darlings are growing up! It seems like just yesterday I was taking little Dylan’s 6 month pictures, and now he is one!

Dylan and Haley were absolutely wonderful. They were so good at listening to me and following my direction…definitely a family photographer’s dream!

Here they are!


Until next time!

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Halloween at the Ball house!

The hubs and I don’t have any kids yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take full advantage of having my niece and nephew so nearby for all my photographic needs!

Plus, we’re all crazy as I’m sure you can see. Enjoy 😀


Thanks for looking at my wacky family! It was a great time 😀

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Family shoot at Lake Lowell!

It is so amazingly gorgeous this time of year over at the lovely Lake Lowell here in Idaho. The trees are turning, the water is low…everything was on my side when I took these photos! I was so happy to take pictures of my in-laws and niece and nephew! The kids were so great and everyone was so photogenic.  Here they are!Image






Thank you guys and gals for making this my most memorable shoot yet!

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